Trusted Leaders Support Seth Fleetwood for Mayor

Local Support, Lasting Impact: Bellingham's Community Leaders and Organizations Endorse Seth Fleetwood's Re-Election for Mayor

Former Mayors of Bellingham Endorse Seth Fleetwood

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Organizations supporting Seth Fleetwood for Mayor

What people are saying about Seth Fleetwood

“Mayor Seth has led us through the past 4 years with calm and strong leadership. The pandemic hit us hard and he stood up and took some unpopular positions and we are now better off for it. We need Mayor Seth for four more years.”

Gene Knutson, Former City Council Member

“Bellingham is a challenging and diverse community with an array of disparate needs. Under Seth’s leadership we are able to address a vast number of our community’s concerns and make it a thriving awesome place to live, work and recreate.”

Paul Orlowski

“Seth Fleetwood has led Bellingham through what will likely be seen in retrospect as its darkest hours. I am grateful for his calm, thoughtful, even-handed approach to leadership. Never a grandstander, Seth has intelligently dealt with trying circumstances with quiet and competent aplomb. I admire his adherence to good process. I support him in a second term.”

Peter Frazier

“Mayor Fleetwood has been capable, honest and direct as Bellingham’s civic leader. He shows respect and compassion toward everyone he encounters. During his time as mayor he has met local crises (crime, homelessness, infrastructure costs) by creating consensus, then following through with firm leadership and direction. Bellingham could not ask for a more experienced and visionary mayor than Seth Fleetwood.”

Sam Crawford, Former County Council Member

“Seth has a record of listening to his constituents, even in hard circumstances, and of good governance. He is a good man and good for our city.”

Barbara Gilday, Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship

“For decades, we have seen Seth lead our community in big and small ways, accomplishing important goals, without ever making it about him. We want Seth’s steady and sound leadership as our mayor to continue. Re-elect Seth Fleetwood!”

Jeff and Carol Arvin

“Seth has navigated national issues such as the pandemic and homelessness as well as any mayor that I know of. It was an impossible task for which he’s done an admirable job.”

Harvey Schwartz

Rick Larsen, U.S. Representative (D-WA 2nd District)

Steve Hobbs, Washington Secretary of State

Alex Ramel, State Representative (D)

Satpal Sidhu, County Executive

Todd Donovan, County Council Member

Michael Alvarez Shepard, Port Commissioner President

Atul Deshmane, Public Utility District Commissioner

Dan Hammill, City Council Member

Hollie Huthman, City Council Member

Michael Lilliquist, City Council Member

Skip Williams, City Council Member

Sam Crawford, Former City Council Member

Gene Knutson, Former City Council Member

Barbara Ryan, Former City Council Member

Laurie Caskey-Schreiber, Former County Council Member

Judith Akins

Jeff and Carol Arvin

Mark Barnett

Michael Bradburn, MB Property Holdings, LLC

Glen Biernacki

Kyle Bornstein

Craig & Sue Cole

Patricia Decker

David Donohue

Peter Frazier

Barbara Gilday, Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship

Vernon ‘Damani’ Johnson

Jane E. Lowrey

Chris McCoy

Gemma and Clayton Medeiros

Paul Orlowski

Martin and Mary Passmore

Lynn Rosen

Michael Ryan

Wendy Scherrer

Harvey Schwartz

Charlie and Phyllis Self

Lindsey Vereen

Kathy Washatka

Cynthia and Nicholas Zaferatos

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