Bellingham, Washington–Seth Fleetwood announces his candidacy for Mayor of Bellingham today. Fleetwood, a 56 year old lawyer, was born and raised in Bellingham. He is a former member of the Whatcom County Council and the Bellingham City Council.

“It is with great enthusiasm that I announce my intention to run for Mayor of Bellingham. In these challenging times there is nothing that provides me a greater sense of purpose than expressing an inspired, hopeful and achievable vision for the future of my hometown. I have been public spirited my entire life and during my years of community involvement and public life, I have been a leader in helping to address many of our community’s problems. I offer a range of qualities and experiences that provide insight into how I would perform as Mayor and I ask for your respectful consideration,” said Fleetwood.

Fleetwood looks forward to working towards collaborative and effective solutions to Bellingham’s homelessness problem and home affordability issues; ensuring that as we grow, infill, and densify that we do so in ways that only improve the quality and livability of Bellingham; promoting an attitude that helps Bellingham become a truly inclusive, equitable and empowered community that values everyone; adopting policies that acknowledge the realities of climate change and ensure a just transition to a clean energy future; committing to Bellingham’s goal of maintaining a positive, competitive, and sustainable business-friendly climate that will retain, grow, and attract high-quality, living wage businesses.

Fleetwood notes his leadership on community issues over the years that have promoted a positive vision for Bellingham including:

  • Home affordability as founder and co-chair of the Countywide Housing Affordability Taskforce known as CHAT
  • Co-founder of the Bellingham Growth Forums that crafted recommendations on preferred methods to grow and infill in ways that improve the quality of Bellingham and preserve our natural resource lands
  • A chief architect of the Bellingham Greenways Program that has created an exceptional system of parks and trails
  • Promotion of measures to protect Lake Whatcom – Bellingham’s drinking water source
  • Collaboration to create a Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance that was referred to by the New York Times as the “Bellingham Model” and has been replicated by other cities around the state
  • His work on climate issues, including currently chairing the Whatcom County Climate Impact Advisory Committee
  • President of the Bellingham City Council in 2013, overseeing the final approval and adoption of the Waterfront Master Plan that promises to be an exciting and thriving mixed-use area that will bring people to the waterfront

“The 2020s will be an enormously consequential decade in Bellingham and our region. People will continue moving here, creating profound forces of change. How we grow and act towards each other will be everything. We have a duty to ensure that as transformation happens, we preserve what we love about Bellingham and continuously strive to improve everything else. We have all the elements here to become a model 21st century Pacific Northwest City,” said Fleetwood.